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3RUN are a professional performance team based in Basingstoke, UK specialising in free running, parkour and martial arts. There is some confusion over whether the term '3RUN' should be used as a team name or the name of a discipline, with many foreign teams using 3run in their teams name. The 3RUN team used to go by the name Team Evolution, with 3RUN being described as the discipline they practiced, although the original team name does not appear to be used much any more.

Team Members[]

The current members of 3RUN are listed below.

  • Shaun Andrews
  • Cane Armitage
  • Chase Armitage
  • Cole Armitage
  • Mat Armitage
  • Nathan Barris
  • Adam Brashaw
  • Chloe Bruce
  • Mathew Kaye
  • Sam Parham
  • Fabio Santos
  • Curtis Small
  • James Stokes
  • Michael Wilson
  • Scott Young