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A dash vault is a vault used in Parkour and Free Running, which involves jumping over the obstacle feet first, and then planting and pushing off your hands to make the extra distance to clear the obstacle. The vault is useful for situations where you need a good amount of extra distance on the other side of the object, specifically a precise landing as you can see your feet.

The vault can be done from a one or two footed take off, however it is generally accepted that the one footed take off is more efficient.


A Dash Vault


Dash Roll[]

A dash vault directly into a roll with your feet touching the ground

Kash Vault[]

Kong vault directly into a dash vault See Kash Vault

Dash 360

A dash with a 360 degree spin after the push. Another variation is a 360 degree spin before the push at the end.

Dash Gainer[]

Although not landed, it is an ongoing debate about whether it is actually possible, with the closest filmed attempt barely a dash or gainer.

Dash Bomb[]

Dash to frontflip See Dash Bomb