Black Dragon Parkour Wiki

A Kip-Up involves laying on your back while simotaniously pushing up into a bridging position with your hands while kicking out with your legs and landing on your feet.



No Handed Kip-up[]

A kip-up without using your hand to push off with

Front Kip-up[]

A kip-up while laying on your front instead of your back and pushing up with your hands

Rolling Kip-up[]

A Kip-up executed from a push up or kneeling position. The practitioner starts a forward roll but instead of rolling over to his or her feet, the legs are held back and close to the chest. This sets up the practitioner to push off and do a Kip-up

Handstand Kip-up[]

Similar to the rolling kip-up except that you perform a handstand before dropping into a kipping position and pushing off


Also known as Head Kip, it is a move that consists of getting in a kneeling position and going on the top of ones head and pushing off doing a forward handspring like kip-up.

Kip-Up 180[]

The difference between a normal kip-up and a kip-up 180 is the rotation added while floating in the air after pushing off the ground. The 180 indicates a rotation of 180 degrees. A harder variation that works the same way is the kip-up 360.