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The Kong Vault is a vault used in Parkour & Free Running which involves jumping and planting both hands side-by-side on an obstacle and bringing both legs in-between, shortly after pushing off with the hands. When the hands are placed on the object before the feet leave the ground, it is known as a monkey vault. A kong with a dive either over an object or a long distance is called a Diving Kong


A Kong Vault



Basic Variations[]

Traveling Kong[]

A kong vault but hands come down in succession, one in front of the other crawling across the object.

Double Kong[]

A kong with two taps; useful to get over two obstacles at once.

Triple Kong[]

A kong with three taps.

Advanced Variations[]

Kong Front[]

A kong vault followed by a front flip. A commoen misconception is that a kong front would be a front hand spring over an obsticle, however, that is a different vault known as a rail flip.

Stinger Vault[]

A diving kong vault with a 360 degree spin before the hands are placed.


A kong vault with a 360 degree twist after the hands are placed.