Black Dragon Parkour Wiki

The Parkour roll (or PK Roll) is an important movement in free running and parkour to absorb large amounts of impact of a drop or jump from height in a controlled way which can also allow the athlete to continue their run without losing their flow. The roll is often seen after flips from height, or large running jumps.

The move consists of collapsing the knees, and performing a forward roll over the shoulder and onto the back, before coming over the hip and back onto the feet. The parkour roll involves rolling diagonally over one shoulder to the opposite hip. The idea is to avoid putting pressure on the spine, which could cause injury, especially on the hard surfaces such as concrete which free runners often roll on. The roll can take some of the pressure off your joints if you land hard. To do the roll, start with your feet on the ground and spring into a roll, keeping your body weight on your shoulders rather than your neck or back. If preformed correctly a roll can disapate 2400 pounds of force into a harmless, low, amount of force.


Dive Roll[]

A dive roll is a PK Roll with a dive over an object or distance with a roll at the end to withstand the shock