Black Dragon Parkour Wiki

Precision refers to a precise landing with your feet on the edge of a wall, rail, or other object. One of the most common forms is the precision jump, which involves starting in a standing position and jumping from one object to another.

A precision jump involves jumping to a small landing area by using your whole body (arms, legs, core/torso, head) in a careful coordinated movement to help keep balance as you land. The motion itself resembles a coil being launched in the air and then landing again, absorbing and straightening out. The jump is great for situations where you need precise jumping, such as from a rail to another rail where balance and coordination are key.

Precision jump

A traceur setting up a precision jump



Taking longs strides on object, running across rails or small objects

360 precision[]

The athlete takes off and lands facing in the same direction, but a complete 360 degree turn is completed while in the air

Kong Precision[]

A kong vault into a precision jump