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Redbull motion

Red Bull Art of Motion is a recurring competition, based around freedom of movement although it was primarily a free running competition. The competition places competitors in a crafted arena of plateaus at varying heights, sizes and distances, as well as a variety of other obstacles such as bars and walls. There have so far been several Art of Motion competitions, in a variety of countries, since the first in 2007.

Art of Motion 2007 (Austria)[]

The first Red Bull Art of Motion competition took place on October 6, 2007 in Vienna, Austria.


Despite not finishing his run after breaking his leg half way through, Ryan Doyle was awarded first place.

  1. Ryan Doyle (UK)
  2. Victor Lopez (US)
  3. Marcus Gustafsson (SWE)

Notable occurrences[]

  • Ryan Doyle seriously broke his leg after attempting a double cork from height onto a thick crash mat. He missed the crash mat with one leg, landing on concrete, and over-rotated causing him to nearly perform a triple cork. To commend his efforts, he was awarded first place in his absence.