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A speed vault is a vault used in parkour and free running, which involves jumping straight towards an obstacle as if to jump over it while tilting your body slightly sideways to gain extra height and to land smoother, whilst directly over the obstacle you plant your hand on it in order to control your momentum and allow you to cleanly clear the obstacle, this should mainly be used for balance and should not be relied on to add distance or power to the vault.

This vault is done from a one footed take off and is said to be the most efficiant and fastest vault in Parkour and Freerunning.

Parkour Speed Vault


360 Speed Vault[]

A speed vault with a 360 degree spin after your hands touches the object

Speed Side[]

A speed vault linked with a sideflip without the free runner's feet touching the ground.

Speed Pimp Flip[]

Athlete does a speed vault, then swings the body around and goes into a back tuck much like the pimp flip