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Ultimate Parkour Challenge also known as MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge is a free running and Parkour oriented show produced by the World Freerunning & Parkour Federation and MTV.

The pilot was initially going to air on 26 July 2009, however it was postponed so that MTV could advertise it more. It was finally broadcast on MTV on October 22, 2009 at 10pm.

News was released in Feburary 2010 that the pilot was popular enough to warrant the production of the rest of the series. The series finally began to air in May 2010.

Pilot episode[]

The pilot episode for the series aired on American MTV at 22:00, October 22, 2009, and the popularity and response from the pilot will determine if the series continues.

Set around a large LA warehouse, the first show included free runners Daniel IIabaca, Daniel Arroyo, Ryan Doyle, Tim "Livewire", Shieff, Pip Andersen, Micheal Turner, Brian Orosco and King David, who were competing against each other to win $10,000.

The show consisted of three rounds:

  1. The eight competitors were split into two teams, and each had to make a free running video filmed in the warehouse. The winning team would all go straight to round 3, but the losing team would have to battle it out in round 2 with only one making it through to the final round.
  2. The competitors had to complete a speed run through two alley-ways of the warehouse, with only the fastest time going through to the final round
  3. In the same style as many other competitions, each competitor had a short time to impress a panel of judges. There were also 7 targets placed around the arena, of which they had to hit 6

There were a considerable amount of bails and injuries for the first show, with King David and Daniel Arroyo both landing on their necks, Brian Orosco over-rotating a large frontflip , and Michael Turner who sliced his finger, along with performing regardless of the possible hairline fracture on his heel, which occured previous to the show.